The Value of Experience

DDH1 employs the industry’s most experienced operators to provide technically innovative drilling services. From top tier miners to the smallest explorer, we strive to provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of service across the entire drilling spectrum.

We are Australia’s premier and most successful deep hole drilling business

Operational Sites

Drilling Services

We specialise in deep hole Diamond Core drilling, and along with our drilling partners (Ranger Drilling and Strike Drilling), we offer the full suite of drilling services.

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Diamond Coring:


We are Australia’s largest and most specialised provider of Diamond Core drilling with the capability to extract mineral core samples at depths of up to 3,000 metres.

Reverse Circulation:


Our fleet consists of multi-purpose modern equipment which is able to execute deep RC work on trunk mounted rigs.

Specialised Engineering:


Our unique expertise in highly complex deep-hole drilling allows us to perform specialised work that no other company is able to do.

Our Equipment

DDH1 Drilling operates the newest and most standardised fleet of surface and underground drilling rigs in Australia, known for reliability and high performance.

Surface Rigs

We have Australia’s largest fleet of standardised and multipurpose drilling rigs.

Engineering Rigs

We have specialist engineer rigs to perform the most complex engineering in the most complex situations.

Underground Rigs

An alternative drilling option for complex underground situations.

Our Partner Companies

A premier iron ore focused reverse circulation drilling company with industry leading technology.

Australia’s leading dual aircore/reverse-circulation capable exploration drilling company.