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We are committed to ensuring our corporate culture and values at all levels support diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace, whilst maintaining a commitment to a high-performance culture.
We acknowledge the positive outcomes and better overall performance that can be achieved through a diverse workplace, and strive to improve diversity at all levels across our organisation.

We also recognise that in order to have an inclusive workplace, discrimination, bullying, harassment, vilification, victimisation and gossip cannot and will not be tolerated.

We have zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviors from anyone in our organization and everyone has a responsibility to behave appropriately at work. Our Choose Respect program outlines the expected behaviours of all employees at DDH1 Drilling.

I have been with DDH1 Drilling since April 2020. When I joined the company, I was completely new to the mining and drilling industry and I was a little nervous about whether I could do the job – not only because I was female but also being older!

When I first started it was a little challenging but once I learnt the techniques of doing tasks it became easier.

There is a huge wealth of knowledge within DDH1 Drilling. Many of the drillers and supervisors having been in the industry for 10+ years so the training I have received has been, and continues to be, outstanding.

Being away from family can be hard at times on both sides but my crew have become my family away from home. DDH1 Drilling also run various functions throughout the year not only for employees but partners and children too, which improves the work/life balance and is very much appreciated by myself and my family.

Megan Ruddy
DDH1 Drilling Offsider


At DDH1 Drilling we genuinely care about our people and want everyone to feel safe and secure at work. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Our Choose Respect program sets out the expected behaviours for all DDH1 Drilling employees relating to how we treat each other at work.

The Choose Respect program includes ongoing training for all employees and also supports our leaders to better manage disrespectful behaviours when they occur.
We have zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviors from anyone in our organization and everyone has a responsibility to behave appropriately at work.
Our expected behaviours are clear.


Our SpeakUp! service has been created in line with our Choose Respect program and provides an easy to use way for employees to communicate any concerns or issues they are experiencing at work. SpeakUp! is available to all DDH1 Drilling employees and is easily accessed by scanning a QR code.

Concerns that can be reported through SpeakUp! include:

  • Disrespectful behaviours
  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sexual harassment

Relevant Policies

Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Whistleblower Policy

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