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As an active member of the Australian community, we are proud to support a number of local and national initiatives. We are passionate about making a positive contribution, particularly in the education, health and wellbeing of future generations.

DDH1 Drilling has a long history of sponsoring organisations and groups, from local sports and fundraising events to national charities, all in the pursuit of promoting strong and vibrant communities.

Blue Tree Project

DDH1 Drilling is proud to be a major sponsor of the Blue Tree Project this financial year (FY24).

Blue Tree Project’s mission is to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health issues. This message is spread through the powerful medium of painting dead trees blue, giving them a ‘blue lease on life’. The painted trees act as a visual reminder to check in on yourself, loved ones, mates and colleagues.

What started as a grassroots movement in 2019 has quickly made a lasting impact in the mental health space with more than 1,000 registered blue trees around the world.

Today, as a registered charity, Blue Tree Project continues to actively engage with communities, fostering safe environments where individuals can openly discuss mental health matters without fear or judgment.

As a business operating throughout the country and often in remote areas, we deeply understand the importance of creating a supportive workplace where mental health can be discussed freely. We are committed to making a tangible difference by promoting mental health awareness and wellbeing at DDH1 Drilling.

We look forward to hosting tree painting days at site and in the office throughout the year.

To learn more about Blue Tree Project, visit their website.

Einstein First Project

DDH1 Drilling is a ‘Palladium’ Partner of the Einstein-First Project, which aims to modernise science in Australian schools by introducing Einsteinian concepts to the primary and secondary curriculum. Our partnership started in 2022, to assist in the operation and development of the program nationally.

The evidence-based curriculum is the genius of the Einsteinian Physics Education Research (EPER) team, a group of international researchers from the University of Western Australia.

Einstein-First utilises interactive learning methods to engage students in years three to ten with STEM subjects, with a focus on the Einsteinian concepts that underpin modern technology. The project uses activity-based learning activities to engage students in modern, relevant and practical science.

Additionally, the project offers primary and secondary teachers micro-credential training in how to implement Einsteinian science into their individual lesson-planning. Past success of the program indicates that the Einstein-First approach to school science reduces the gender gap in STEM and improves the attitude of students toward STEM more generally.

Our partnership with the Einstein-First will enable the scaling-up of the teacher training program from face-to-face to fully online learning. DDH1 will be funding the production of 200 videos that will instruct teachers on Einsteinian concepts and their associated learning activities. These short instructional activity videos will allow the program to be rolled out across Australia.

For more information on the Einstein-First Project, visit their website.

The Fathering Project

DDH1 has supported Associates Rugby Club in their involvement with the Fathering Project since 2020.

Established in 2013, The Fathering Project supports fathers to be the best parents they can be to allow their children to thrive. Founder, Professor Bruce Robinson identified the need for resources, events, and programs specific to fathers in Western Australian and sought to bridge that gap.

Over the past decade, The Fathering Project has established a series of ‘Dad Groups’ throughout school and community groups, which have been deemed successful on a national scale. These groups provide father figures with safe spaces in which they can learn, share, grow and connect.

The Associates Rugby Union Football Club works closely with The Fathering Project in their delivery of father-child events. Past initiatives have included the Club’s senior team and junior team training together to inspire and foster meaningful connection between participating fathers and their children.

For more information visit: https://thefatheringproject.org/ or https://www.soaksrugby.com/

Ultimate Backyard Cricket

DDH1 Drilling was the major sponsor of the 2023 Ultimate Backyard Cricket Match.

Established in 2021, the Ultimate Backyard Cricket Match is the brainchild of The Pirate Ship Foundation, which funds vital research into childhood brain cancer through a wide range of initiatives, adventures, events and partnerships.

As brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease, The Pirate Ship Foundation aspires to develop improved treatment options for children suffering from brain cancer, ultimately leading to a cure.

Held in the heritage-listed garden at Government House, The Ultimate Backyard Cricket Match is an all-day family event that attracts past and present cricketing greats, sporting stars and local celebrities.

On 18 March 2023, the DDH1 Pirates went head-to-head with the Chemist Warehouse Governors in a match that raised $140,000 for childhood brain cancer research. As a co-naming rights sponsor for the event, DDH1 we were incredibly pleased with the success of the third Ultimate Backyard Cricket Match.

For more information on The Pirate Ship Foundation and the Ultimate Backyard Cricket Match, please visit their website.

Soldier On

DDH1 Drilling is pleased to be a Gold Pledge Partner of Soldier On in FY2024.

The not-for-profit organisation is committed to ensuring all Australian Defence Force (ADF) families can enjoy happy and healthy lives during and after military service.

Soldier On works in collaboration with the Australian Government, the Defence Industry, and the wider Ex-Service Organisation community to build resilience, and create and expand meaningful connections with family, community and employers. This is through four key areas: health and wellbeing; employment and transition; learning; and participation.

The unfortunate reality is that many ADF personnel struggle to settle into regular life and routine once they have returned from military service. Soldier On is committed to ensuring the ADF community is properly supported in their transition by delivering a holistic range of support services.

As a Pledge Partner, Soldier On provides DDH1 Drilling with advice about employing and recruiting veterans and their families, building meaningful connections, and facilitating channels for quality job applicants.

For more information about Soldier On visit their website.