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Our FAQ’s will help answer some of the main questions asked by candidates interested in working in the drilling industry.


How much will I get paid?

We pay above industry rates. Once your probation is finished (after 6 months) you will also be entitled to additional production bonuses as well as retention rewards. As an entry level position, drillers offsiders can earn over $100,000.

What is the difference between the hourly rate and the day rate?

You will be paid different rates for the days you are working 12 hour shifts on site and the days you are on leave or undertaking company training and inductions.

You are paid the hourly rate for inductions, training, annual leave and sick leave. The day rate is paid when you are working on site.

Is there a production bonus incentive?

Bonuses are provided to every employee once probation is completed and you will have the opportunity to earn a range of different bonuses.

Is there a retention bonus?

Employees may have the opportunity to earn retention bonuses from commencement of their employment with DDH1 Drilling.

Is there a probation period?

Yes, all our employees have a six-month probation period.

Where will I be working?

As the largest drilling company in Australia, we have more than 70 surface drill rigs operating throughout Australia, working with some of the largest mining and exploration companies in the country.

You could be allocated to any one of these and your allocated site could also be changed regularly depending on the drill program schedule and client’s drilling requirements. All of our drill sites are Fly In/Fly Out (FIFO) access.

What is the difference between an exploration and mining site?

Many exploration sites will be based in remote locations with limited facilities. Exploration camps may be caravans and portable bathrooms and meals are prepared in the caravan’s kitchen provided.

Mine sites are established, producing mines. They will usually have permanent accommodation facilities, including a mess and may also include recreation facilities like gyms and pools.

Does DDH1 Drilling pay for my flights?

We cover all flights to and from site and if you are employed outside the state that you are working, we will organise and cover the cost of your flights from your nearest capital city.

What will my roster swings be?

We have varying rosters according to the drilling project requirements. Rosters will be either two weeks on and one week off or four weeks on and two weeks off.

How many hours will I be working each day?

Drilling shifts are 12 hours per day. Day shift is from either 5am–5pm or 6am-6pm. Night shift is from 5pm-5am or 6pm-6am. A working week is 84 hours.

Most two-week rosters will include a 7-7 day and night shift rotation. All employees are required to complete a RDO after 14 days worked.

Do I have to work night shift?

We operate our rigs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is likely that you will change over from day to night shift halfway through your swing.

Will I get a day off after working so many days straight?

Our swings are either two weeks on, one week off or four weeks on, two weeks off. There are no days off while you are away and you will be required to work 12-hour shifts every day of your swing. Our swing rotations are designed to provide rest and recovery time during your off week/s.

What if I don’t want to work on an exploration site?

We require all candidates be open to working on both mine site and exploration sites, as we must have the flexibility to be able to ensure we can allocate crews across our rigs to meet the needs of our client’s drill programs.

How hard is the work?

Working on a drill rig, especially as a drillers offsider can be physically demanding work as you will need to lift drill rods that can weigh up to 40kgs. Work will also involve a lot of maintenance and servicing of equipment used on the rig. As well as the physical aspects of the job, there is a huge amount of learning required for a drillers offsider to get to know how the rig works, what is required on the job and helping solve issues if they arise.

The location you are working in will also impact the working conditions as you will be working outside in the elements with temperatures ranging from extremely hot to very cold. Conditions will also be dirty, dusty or, depending on the site, at times very muddy.

Will I have access to a gym on site?

It depends on which rigs you will be working on as we work on both remote exploration and producing mine sites. While most mine sites do have established accommodation camps with gyms, the remote exploration sites are temporary caravan set ups will no gym facilities.

When will I receive my flight and accommodation itinerary for each swing?

We provide itineraries 48-72 hours prior to your swing start date, depending on site rostering and flight schedules.

Do I have to work over Christmas and New Year?

In most cases, all rigs shut down for a period over Christmas and New Year, however this is not guaranteed and will be dependent on client requirements.

Why do I need a Heavy Rigid Truck License?

All our surface equipment is truck mounted and requires a Heavy Rigid License for operation. This is a minimum requirement for all our Drillers or Drillers Offsiders positions.

Will DDH1 Drilling reimburse my Heavy Rigid Truck license?

A HR licence is a minimum requirement for all our Drillers and Drillers Offsiders positions and is to be obtained at the candidate’s expense.

Will DDH1 Drilling reimburse my National Police Clearance?

A National Police Clearance is a minimum requirement for all our Drillers and Drillers Offsiders /employee positions and is to be obtained at the candidate’s expense.

What network provider works best at site?

Some of our remote exploration sites will have limited network access, however Telstra will provide the most comprehensive coverage and reliable network access for the large majority of our sites.

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